The King James Bible

No, all translations are NOT the same, unless you think the following numbers are the same:

  • 3,000 and 30,000 (1 Samuel 13:5)
  • 70 and 72 (Luke 10:1)
  • 77 and 490 (Matthew 18:22)
  • 50,070 and 70 (1 Samuel 6:19)

We believe the King James Bible that we hold in our hands from cover to cover without apology or excuse. Rather than correct the Bible, we let it correct us. New versions are not the same because they change names, numbers, prophecies, and key doctrines. We serve “the Son of God,” not “a son of the gods” (Daniel 3:25), and there is a difference.

We believe the King James Bible is God’s preserved word. This can be proven:

  1. Prophetically
  2. Numerically
  3. Practically

To summarize, God proves He is God by prophecy (Isaiah 41:22-23; 42:8-9; 43:18-21; 44:6-8; 44:28-45:25; 46:9-10; 47:1-15; 48:3-7). It is so important that the Holy Bible contains 1,817 individual prophecies on 737 subjects in 8,352 verses. That is 27% of 31,102 verses.

A simple reading of key prophetic passages about our Lord Jesus Christ will show modern translations of the Bible destroy/remove/corrupt the prophecies themselves. Try Genesis 22:8 and Daniel 9:26 for starters.

The numerics in the King James Bible both in the text itself and also in the book, chapter, and verse system are so astounding that it could not possibly be from any other source than the Almighty. The numerics tie in directly with prophecy. We can give numerous examples at a moments notice, just ask. Additionally we can point you to resources documenting so many examples of these truths that it will blow your mind.

Practically, the King James Bible is unique in that it is not “politically correct.” Not only does it say things that NO other translation would print regarding social hot topics dealing with things from gender to sodomites, it also speaks in a way that is counter to the culture norms of an apostate Laodicean church. As a matter of fact, look up the following Scriptural words in another translation: damned, damnation, sodomites, effeminate, “pisseth against the wall(like a urinal – yes, that separates the boys from the girls – apparently Somebody knew about restroom confusion thousands of years before it made a headline).

We don’t want “smooth things,” we want “thus saith the Lord” (Isaiah 30:10; Jeremiah 23:36-38; Deuteronomy 4:2; 2 Corinthians 2:17).

Let us give an answer to the Bible correctors who would attempt to slander us. We have NEVER said or taught the following that people who are led to Christ out of another translation are not saved. Nor have we ever said you have to use the King James Bible to lead someone to the Lord who doesn’t even speak English. They resort to putting words in our mouths to slander us, because they don’t have an answer to what we have said above.

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